Hotel California Solo – The Eagles – Acoustic Guitar Cover

This my acoustic version of the legendary Hotel California Solo by The Eagles.
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Gear used:
– Ibanez EW50
– Shure MV5
– Logic Pro X
– D’addario .011 – .052 Phosphor Bronze
Video Rating: / 5


  1. Phú Quốc Nguyễn

    I really admire you. Can you guide it?

  2. Those fingers making love to the guitar at 1080p 60fps.❤️

  3. how could you dislike this tho ?

  4. Don Felder will be proud.

  5. can you add the tablature plz thank you

  6. siiiick guitar….and of course sick playing. nice work

  7. Well done!!

  8. Philippe Barrilliez

    Superbe !!!

  9. Nice guitar and nice playing

  10. +.+? ♡.♡

  11. perkele!

  12. František Dvořák

    Bro, I love it. But you should to show the second camera with second guitar. At this record you dont play basses… 😀

  13. Kren euy hayang bisa

  14. E-Music Productions

    Amazing cover bro! check out mine! let me know what you think 😀

  15. I'm not even a girl and I dropped my panties. my panties I ment boxers and by boxers I ment dignity. and by dignity I ment the holy ghost. Good Lord, i dont know where I was going with that but hot damn this was patron. Gryffindor 10 points!

  16. very cool.

  17. ThePillsburydoughboy 1

    This video helped me learn it

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