Hotel California – The Eagles – The Intro – Guitar Lesson – Lesson 1 of 5

Link for Picking Sheet:
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  1. I started watching this video last week… Still here

  2. Thanks to your great step by step tutorial in conjunction with the worksheet, I can now, finally, play the intro to this beautiful song. I appreciate your attention to detail and it really sounds like the recording even with a single guitar. Well done!

  3. I agree way too much talk. Less talk more show please.

  4. Dong Pisot-pisot

    Hi grandpa.. How are you..

  5. Thank you so much for this 5 part tutorial. It's definitely the best one on youtube. The amazing attention to detail makes this difficult song fairly easy to pick up if you have the patience

  6. Less talking please

  7. It would be super helpful if you would play your verson of the song at the VERY BEGINNING so I know what I'm going to learn, difficulty level, etc. This is one of the hugest things that makes me subscribe to channels 🙂

  8. are those drywall screws holding your guitar together at the neck?

  9. Respectfully, sounds good but less saying & more playing would be great.

  10. another good lesson ivor i like your sheet thingy good idea . the only chord i had trouble with was the b7 cos my capo in the way but great teaching as usaul and cathys song is bang on thanks ivor

  11. Nice one Ivor new strings, could you put on your lessons Desperado by the Eagles, you are a star, Dave.

  12. Where to get your sheet?

  13. I just about fell asleep with all of the talking. Next time less talking more playing.

  14. Good grief! Pleas edit the talking and increase the playing!

  15. Good stuff but remember this is just one of 5 guitars that play this song

  16. Verbosity is not your friend

  17. I put my volume up super high to hear him, then an ad popped up….. .. rip my ears

  18. you dont have to talk. just play that damn guitar

  19. Thanks!!! the sheets really help. Keep up the good work

  20. Almost two minutes of talking before anything relevant. Then a lot more 'filler'…not a lot of actual instruction…will find a better more efficient video…..

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