Hotel California – The Intro – Guitar Lesson – Part 1 of 3

Download link for my Picking Sheet:

Capo at the 7th fret
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  1. Clark Zinsmeyer

    Didnt you already make videos for the intro before? I assume youre remaking the video?

  2. Nicomanstudios D

    YOURE A LEGEND FOR MAKING THAT SHEET . It really speeds up my learning.

  3. Thank you! You're very talented 😀

  4. thank you for post it ivor…I see you replaced the capo…! it's a kayser isn't it… I love this capo.

  5. Thanks ivor. I have one more request for a bit, i was also wondering what chords he plays on the harmonica part. It's quite an old song but I'm curious. You've been real helpful

  6. like the picking pattern sheet will print it tomorrow. Big thank you Ivor

  7. Could you do California sun by the rivieras?

  8. Great 3 lessons Ivor, tried for ages to get the intro right, these lessons have been invaluable to me, thank you

  9. Great first part to this lesson Ivor iv been wanting to learn this for some time now ,thx Ivor

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