House at Pooh Corner Guitar Lesson – Pluck and Chuck Guitar Series Song #4

Song by Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina, great groove to learn chuck strums with.

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lesson navigator/sequence:

0:32 intro

Fretting hand

2:31 Verse
E – F#m — G#m — C#m
A — B — E — (Slide riff)

4:36 Prechorus
C#m — G#m — A — F# – B — A

6:39 Chorus
||: E — G#m — F#m — B — A :||
G#m — E — G#m — C#m (chasing clouds riff)
A — G#m — C#m — Dmaj7
2nd chorus
||: A – G#m — C#m :||

9:10 Picking hand

9:32 Main pattern version 1
||: thumb thumb chuck thumb :||

10:00 Moving bass notes in the thumb

10:54 Integrating the pattern across different chords

11:58 Thumb motions only for the final exercise

12:18 Final Exercise across 3 chords (E — A — D)

13:08 Secondary pattern part 1
||: Pluck Pluck Slap Pluck :||

14:03 Secondary pattern part 2
||: Pluck Pluck Slap Pluck – – Slap Thumb :||

15:04 Integration section

15:22 Verses

17:23 Slide riff

19:18 Prechorus

21:02 B — A Riff

22:10 Chorus

23:27 Chasing Clouds Riff

25:30 Chorus ending

26:30 meter change to 6/8

27:27 Slow playthrough

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  1. Do you have freakishly large hands, Jon? I ask because my hands are fairly big and my fingers fairly long, but I still don't think there's any way I'm going to get them to stretch out enough to play that riff you're teaching at 23:30. Got any words of advice and/or encouragement? How long did it take you to be able to play that correctly at performance speed?

  2. Where do you get those finger picks?

  3. I cant see any show button, dude help me please.

  4. I am still new to the guitar and can't play bar chords yet.. Haha. But I love watching this. You are so clear about where to place fingers and you have a great voice! Thank you for sharing.

  5. My dad used to sing me this song all the time. One of my fondest memories. Thanks so much for such an in-depth tutorial. I can't wait to get it down

  6. An ace breakdown of this gorgeous song which always makes me look back wistfully to when our children were little. The days flew by too quickly. I have it down on my guitar already. God bless.

  7. Very good lesson and instruction…

  8. I love this. I would call that style pick/strum although a lil different. But I have seen Paul McCartney do Yesterday in your style.

  9. Victorvickblunt Osuna

    FUCK U BITCH!!!!! LMAO jk

  10. You are a wonderful teacher. Thank you so much for making this song easier to play.

  11. Very pleased. I still can't wrap my head around the fact that there are good people like you willing to teach us these songs. Thanks

  12. oh man – what beautiful voice!

  13. ProLife ProSecondAmmendment

    Perfect voice for the song

  14. Great job! You are by far the best on YouTube at providing clear instruction of technical material in an understandable manner. Please keep it up!

  15. Just stumbled onto this lesson. I'm going to date myself by saying I loved this song when it first came out in the 70s. Kenny would be proud. Good work!

  16. Wow, Jon Michael…I've got to tell you this…I put my guitars down 30, or so, years ago. Now, my desire is, can I re-learn, and SOMEHOW, time-travel BACK to the '70's? Back when I still had a grip on passion?Watching your tutorial inspired me IMMENSELY! AND, believe it, (or not), this is one of the songs I want MOST to learn. Your teaching method, your guitar STYLE and your sweet voice, have made me realize that I want it ALL back….ALL of it…YESTERDAY!!!! And so, this coming week will find me at the best music "store" I can locate. I'll get my (acoustic) guitars re-strung, tuned up, and get my fingers working….AGAIN!! I'm even thinking about getting an electric guitar going. It's embarrassing to admit just how long it's been since I've played. I hope my fingers will be able to do the work, for my spirit is most definitely willing!Thanks, ever so much, for being where you are, and who you are! Wren

  17. i know this video is two years old but i hope you are still making videos you are definitely a great teacher who makes the guitar accessible for people like me. thanks man

  18. You are one of the besr

  19. You are incredibly generous. I cannot thank you enough. I have a Cobalt in the closet that I'll get out now. Are you playing through the Fishman pre-amp or just recording straight? I was never fond of the pre-amp. Too warm and dull. If you are using it – please tell me the settings, it sounds phenomenal. What mic are you using? Amazing dynamics! Not enough thanks can I give.

  20. Hi. What are the finger picks you are using. Would like to get…

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