House of the Rising Sun Easy Acoustic Guitar Lesson taught by Rob Hampton

House of the Rising Sun Easy Acoustic Guitar Lesson  taught by Rob Hampton

This classic song is a party classic and a wonderful song to sit and play just by yourself. Rob Hampton shows you how to play it in this easy lesson.


  1. you evil mofo, I sat thru all that annoying strum rest junk cause I wanted the chords and you try to send me to another site, should have said at the beginning, I wouldn't have wasted my time

  2. Good explanation!

  3. Georgiy Shevoroshkin

    thanks :D

  4. he killing a song went sing.

  5. link is no good

  6. Thanks, this is the first time I've managed to get my head around strumming, tried the appegio plucking chords — so now i'll practice this and progress through the chords strumming it – one day I might let others listen in — but not yet :)

  7. Thanks for your help.  Is it possible you show Styx-Crystal Ball, I am really having a hard time.

  8. Thank you for teaching me how to play it. :D

  9. Is this how bob dylan played it in his version?

  10. You are very excellent, i'm training The House of Rising Sun , see you that the music is universal you are not a word, but I undertand perfctly your lesson. The Brasil THANK YOU…..

  11. You don't look like any Jennifer I'VE ever seen… :/

  12. What the hell this guy can levitate a guitar he is a witch just kidding good lesson

  13. You are awesome.  You have the sexiest voice ever!

  14. Great rhthm been practicing for a week or two now I like the way you play this track and the Rhythm sounds good great lesson thanks man 

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