HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN Guitar Lesson // Electric Guitar Tutorial

HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN Guitar Lesson // Electric Guitar Tutorial


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  1. nokie Edwards you are not

  2. Big fan of your work. On this one I will use the sweeping though. But I have learned so much from you. Thanks.

  3. Great teaching 😀 I love it 😀

  4. Sounds nothing like it

  5. I'd give it a double like if I could

  6. Can someone tell me the amp settings?

  7. Abhinand Ramachandran

    Thank you very much Andy.I am from India and I find your guitar lessons as one of the best in YouTube.Thank u so much

  8. Noel Gallagher said in an interview that this was the first song that he ever learned to play on guitar.

  9. There is no way i can physicaly play the F chord, no way

  10. Great stuff Andy. Any chance you could add some info on your guitar setup, especially on the electric with amp so it's easier to get it sounding the same.

  11. that guitar tho

  12. super tutorial you are Good!!!!!

  13. Henrique Santos Lago Costa
  14. Just play the song  no need for all that talking.

  15. and the solo??? 🙁

  16. so glad I could play this, thanks!

  17. Thanks for this – it is an iconic tune and so great to be able to play. I am still practising. I would like to request a song to learn – it is People are Strange by The Doors, there are some tutorials already on line for this song but they are just not as good as you. Thanks for your great teaching – it is so good that you make these videos.

  18. Ty Andy, so helpful for your lesson 🙂

  19. he is so bad lol

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