How Great Is Our God – Chris Tomlin – Electric Guitar Tutorial

Electric guitar tutorial – how to play How Great Is Our God by Chris Tomlin.

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Arrangement: Chris Tomlin – The Essential Collection
Key: C

Guitar: Thinline Telecaster (home-made) with Porter 9T pickups
Amp: Line 6 Helix (Matchless model)
Video Rating: / 5


  1. good tutorial, but a bit correction..
    there is a bending note on your second string, not a hammer on and pull off..
    and there is a slash chord C – G/B – Am , not C – Bm and Am..

  2. this is great

  3. Perfect guitar ! Love it !

  4. how can I download the sound on my helix?
    Need some directions…

  5. Hello Brian, great tutorial. Could you share this patch for Helix ?

  6. This makes me wanna sell my entire board and get a Helix.


  8. Loving these electric guitar tutorials! Also loving that electric guitar Brian!

  9. Can you please do Set a fire by United Pursuit Band?? <3

  10. Benjamin “Godkoala” Walrath

    What is the effect pedals you're using? And how much does it cost

  11. Nice tutorial. Seems like you have a grounding problem in your tele, don't you

  12. I'm glad you're doing electric guitar tutorials if you know how to play you can include bass guitar tutorials drum tutorials keys tutorial

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