How to accompany another instrument on guitar – Guitar Lesson – Tribute to Levon Helm – EP253

In this week’s guitar lesson, you”ll learn some creative ways to accompany another instrument (a mandolin in this case). How do you play along with another instrument and create a melodic melody that doesn’t get in the way – adding to the music? This lesson is a tribute to the late Leon Helm to honor his legacy as a musician.

If you’d like to download the tablature and the MP3 jam track (the mandolin track) as well as watch the Part 2 video for this lesson, visit


  1. Another great lesson – and another great tune – I you had your tunes on a Spotify channel or something like that, I'd have them on repeat…

  2. Lovely sounds

  3. This is why I signed up.

  4. Absolutely awesome
    Made my day

  5. That sounds beautiful man

  6. Андрей Невоград

    Спасибо! Какая игра !!!

  7. Sounds like a Beatles track from around 1965….. Nice.

  8. Beautiful as always

  9. Old Timey Gospel Acoustic Lessons Gospel

    Loved this, very nice arrangement

  10. Love the chord progression. Very similar to "Waste" by Phish but in another key. Can't wait to learn every note of this tasty lesson. Wish I had a mandolin too

  11. I wish I could take lessons with you, but the commute is way too far. I'm in Cochabamba, Bolivia. But I've learned a lot through your videos!!! So, thank you!!!!

  12. Great lesson!!!

  13. beautiful Larry Toronto

  14. Your guitar tone is as sweet as spun honey. So nice.

  15. Another Beautiful tune. Thanks

  16. Do you have the mandolin tabs?? Please say yes.

  17. Brian, that was beautiful , well done indeed.

    Jeff (Toronto)

  18. Brian, so strange that as you post this, I was listening to The Band and Clapton, doing 'Further On Up The Road'.

    This is beautiful. Thank you. Will check it out on AM.

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