How to actually USE the CAGED system on guitar. A practical guide to CAGED – Guitar Lesson EP272

In this week’s guitar lesson, I’m going to break down the CAGED system on guitar and show you how to start using it right away when you play. This lesson comes with 3 practice MP3 jam tracks, tablature, and cheat sheets.

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  1. Managed to baffle, flummox, discombobulate and bamboozle me completely. Now I know I don't need the caged system.

  2. Caged is awesome but like your practical application

  3. That guitar is killer. Great lesson, and a perfect example why I am a paid subscriber to Active Melody.

  4. Well I also never saw anybody using the full G chord shape … including myself 😀 But as a side effect; now I also understand some chord shapes other guitarist use , like the high part of the A shape … double eye opener , than for this great lesson.

  5. Giovanni Silvestri


  6. Clear, concise communicator. No stumbling and fumbling around. Love it. I just subscribed. Thank you.

  7. And again…

    It's awesome! ☺

  8. Wow I thought I half understood until I watched this, I lost knowledge so confusing top , bottom ??? Using little finger is natural to him but very confusing trying to see what strings he is using . Sorry

  9. Very valuable info. Thanks,

  10. Just achieve guitarist enlightenment…….thank you Brian!

  11. Well Done and thank you for pointing out how it is used in practice. This week alone is worth the price of admission.

  12. Thank you. I now understand caged.

  13. You have a very good way of explaining these elements of guitar playing. Its very easy to learn from you. Very enjoyable.

  14. You're lifesaver

  15. this is nice homework for the coming week!

  16. Андрей Невоград

    Радует Нас Брайн новинками !

  17. Thanks Brian, this is very enlightening, can you show how to put scales to these chords

  18. This is awesome. I’ve always hated the caged system because of the awkward finger positions. Thx bud.

  19. Possibly your best work,thanks!

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