How to actually USE the CAGED System to play a Country Blues solo composition – Guitar Lesson -EP346

In this week’s guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to triads within the CAGED System to play a stand-alone country blues composition. This is the perfect way to learn how to actually use the CAGED System on guitar.

To view the Part 2 video and download the tablature for this lesson, visit


  1. What size Martin is that?

  2. You are the best blues teacher ever.

  3. Consistently good stuff.

  4. Brain…just watched the lesson and it is amazing. You continue to excel every week making lessons with fun songs/progressions designed to make you a better player and improviser. The CAGED discussions with how they apply to triad shapes and scales is just excellent. The bluegrass elements are super fun as well. You have the best lessons on YouTube and it is so worth it be a premium member. You are inspiring and I look forward to your lessons every week.

  5. Brian running out of adjectives…… it!!

  6. Great lesson. Thank you.

  7. Great vid Brian. Thanks!!!

  8. Dear Brian; Any Active Melody T-Shirts available for purchase (!?) Thanks for the Info !
    "Premium member"

  9. Jazzed lol. I get jazzed by most of your lessons Brian. Superb teaching.

  10. Douglas Christine

    What's up Bri this song sounds like Paul Newman playing the song from Cool Hand Luke when his mama died. Am I right? Excellent song and lesson choice.

  11. hey brian going through your caged system can you please do lesion on the caged without a index finger I don't have one thank you

  12. How do you come up with these compostions, Brian? Another winner.

  13. This sounds like super fun to play but the instructional part is even more valuable! I love how you reiterate the importance of knowing CAGED in almost every lesson, and the way you explain things. Somehow you make everything sound easy to learn, it almost feels like you are revealing the truth behind a magic trick 😉

  14. Fantastic lesson. Thanks Brian.

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