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Hey fellow Bass Playas and Face Makas! Many of you have asked me, “Hey Daric, how do you apply all this theory that you’re teaching us to everyday playing?” Well in this lesson I’ll show you guys a few ways that I like to go about doing it! Like always, Don’t forget to give this video a THUMBS UP, LIKE & SUBSCRIBE!

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Dunlop Bass Strings

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Gallien Krueger Plex Preamp

Basses Used:
Elrick Basses

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  1. Christian Gerald

    Assume you are coaching abeginner

  2. Love the knowledge I get watching your videos. Also awesome t-shirt!

  3. Great lesson 🙂

  4. I don't own or play a bass, but I ordered one today. I don't own a bass amp, but I'm picking up one from Guitar Center Saturday. You know what else I'm doing Saturday? Joining this brothers website for year long subscription to learn this stuff. This is inspiring!!!

  5. Daric, I dig the way you teach. I will watch more of your videos and work on the exercises. Thank you.

  6. tnx daric, love your lessons!!

  7. I'm really diggin' your youtube content brother. A few months of sheddin' the stuff you're sharing and I'll start bringing my bass to gigs with me.

  8. Great, thx

  9. really nice application of theory…thanks for the eye opening

  10. Mr Daric you got the Thunder & Lightning…

  11. Thanks Bennett for this wonderful video tip. Please kindly take more time in playing instead of talking too much. Remember you also teach speakers of other languages who probably don't know English, but can play guitar. Other that, great job man!!!

  12. Dorian is my funk scale

  13. Jose M. Ignacio

    Thaks a lot, Datic. Your lessons are fantastics.

  14. great job on teaching, demonstrating and sharing Daric!

  15. Hello Daric! Thank you for making me think!!!

  16. Fala muito

  17. Boummmm

  18. Argan Danet-bouédo

    How do you have these modaf@kin withe teeth ?

  19. Hey Daric. Quick question about the modes. Let's say you are in the key of C. Does C dorian start on the C or on D? I'v seen people say C dorian and play the dorian shape starting on C, and I've seen people say C dorian and play the dorian shape starting on D. I'm not sure which is correct or if both are generally accepted. Thanks in advance and keep the great content coming.

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