How to Build Guitar Riffs – Electric Guitar Lesson on Creating Riffs – How to Build Guitar Riffs – Electric Guitar Lesson on Creating Riffs

A riff is the foundation of most of the classic rock, metal, and even country music you hear. Riffs are groups of notes that form a musical idea and are typically repeated throughout a song. A good riff is recognized almost immediately. In this lesson, Robert shows you how to build guitar riffs you can use to write your own songs or inspire some great jam sessions with the band.

This electric guitar lesson on how to build guitar riffs illustrates the many ways a melodic or harmonic series of notes can be turned into something musical. Learning how to build guitar riffs isn’t difficult. Once you understand what a riff is and the concept behind turning scale tones into riffs, the rest is a matter of your own creativity. While creativity and imagination can’t necessarily be taught, you can be taught some of the skills that inspire that creativity. Robert approaches that by talking about some of the playing techniques you’re already familiar with and applying them to the riffs your building to help you put your own stamp on them.

One of the best parts of this lesson on guitar riffs is that here isn’t a right or wrong way to approach it. This lesson is about exercising your mind. Regardless of your skill level, you can put together a few notes and chords from any scale you want to use. Some of the techniques that go into building a great guitar riff include hammer-ons and pull-offs, palm muting, slides, bends, doubles stops, and any of the other tools you have in your toolbox. A good riff is made up of all these things as well as the heart you put into playing it. Check out this lesson on creating riffs and then pick up your guitar and write a few of your own.
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