How to Combine Chords with Melody (Guitar Lesson Holiday Edition)

How to Combine Chords with Melody (Guitar Lesson Holiday Edition)

Using the song ‘We Three Kings’ as a perfect example to illustrate the relationship between chords and melody! Here’s the link to the chords:

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  1. Hey Sean, love the lesson, happy holidays and merry Christmas to you brother. Just one question, when it comes to your master classes are they geared for or can they be used by a person who is completely blind. I’m just wondering I’m interested in your courses, but I am completely blind, just checking, thank you so much. Peace and blessings.

  2. Us that damn Radiohead guitar

  3. We three Kings – Albert, Freddy & BB right?

  4. hey Sean …where is your strange accent from?? emphasizing the LAST syllable all the time…sounds

  5. Love this song! Here is my version of “We Three Kings”

  6. John Henry Hopkins Jr. – Wikipedia › wiki › John_Henry_Hopkins_Jr
    John Henry Hopkins Jr. (October 28, 1820 – August 14, 1891) was an American clergyman and hymnodist, most famous for composing the song "We Three Kings of Orient Are" in 1857

  7. Bother give me on guitar I need guitar mine is broke I have no money

  8. It’s SO cool to get a guitar lesson from an actual member of the Emeryld Ryders! WOW!

  9. Just came here to say your intros are fire. That is all. Happy holidays

  10. Thanks, now I'm gonna be hearing and playing that stupid song for the next two weeks.

  11. Yo Sean the reason why it goes to G7, that’s called a V/V. Because you were in the Key of Am. a V/V is what composers use sometimes to modulate to in this case the relative major key of C. So first section in the key of Am, second section C major.

  12. "Living and dying in three quarter time" J Buffet

  13. Hi Sean! Waiting for the how-to Celtic music 🙂

  14. GubbaNubNubDooRahKah

    Dude. How do you always come up with such perfect introductions to your videos? Like hot damn. I even screen recorded one and sent it to my friends’ groupchat out of context the other day because it was just too good!

    Don’t sue me.

  15. Lol think I just had one of them ah ha moments. I have been working on lead (not very good) but struggled with chords n melody like this. Now I can use more then sus chords lol. Could use few more videos on this of course. But thanks man helped me out for sure!

  16. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  17. Thank you very much this lesson is fantastic

  18. Bonus points for using the phrase “cognitive dissonance” in a guitar lesson video. Thanks for another helpful lesson!

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