How To Construct A Melodic Solo – Soloing- Guitar Lesson

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How To Construct A Melodic Solo – Soloing- Guitar Lesson Marty Schwartz Brett Papa papastache youcanlearnguitar Martyzsongs


  1. Creative-Inspiration

    Great instruction video and makes sense to me. Thanks for tip. Your tone is killer too.

  2. what song is this?

  3. can someone tell me the title of the song being played in intro?thanks….

  4. Is that an official song that he's playing in the intro? I would like to know the song title.

  5. Amazing tone, does anyone know what model amp he is playing through?

  6. Can someone advice me? When the solo is being played what should the rhythm guitarist play? Should he play the same chords starting from the verse again and going to bridge and follow. Please help

  7. doesent make any sense to me this

  8. can somebody clear this up for ne please; when he goes into the Bb and F chords, is he using chords from the relative mior key?

  9. Hey Brett what's up?…I only noticed it now but do you only have two tone knobs or did you rewire the knobs with one master volume and a master tone?

  10. Hey dude where's the volume knob on your strat?

  11. Why do you keep calling it riffs? These are licks, man! Not riffs.

  12. thanks for another great video. one thing i've wondered: you talk about "when the next chord comes by" … how do you stay aware of the chord progressions and yet concentrate on your solo? seems hard to think "here comes G" and still be free enough to be creative.

  13. I'm already happy after 45 seconds, that solo was great

  14. Ths is one killer sound! And playing AWESOME. What´s your signal path?

  15. Did you make this solo?

  16. This is awesome great lesson.

  17. Anyone know what song this is??? It would be much appreciated.

  18. Thanks for this video. Lately I've been trying to improve on my solos. Focusing on start, middle, and ends with each lick. I think of traids, bends, passing notes, 6ths, string skipping … and I sound exactly like a a scale mindless player. So frustrating! Thanks for this, it's ironic how powerful by simply outlining the chords (as you mentioned) of how good it sounds.

  19. Wait, i agree with the humming thing but how about you sing into a tuner and match the notes on the guitar?

  20. The solo at the beginning sounds sweet!

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