How to Create Beautiful Melodies on One String. Easy Guitar Melodies.

How to Create Beautiful Melodies on One String. Easy Guitar Melodies.

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Usually when we talk about improvisation, song writing and composing beginners will slowly step outside of the room thinking it’s way too advanced for them to write or improvise easy guitar melodies.
I have to agree that creating your own music can be a quite tough process that requires a lot of skills and musical knowledge as well as technique and musicality.
It is also true though that we can simplify such process and make it beginner friendly if we know where to start.
So how do we write beautiful easy guitar melodies on guitar?
We will start with one string, then add another one when you feel ready.
The awesome thing about writing melodies on one string is that we can narrow it down to seven frets only so that we don’t feel overwhelmed. Also, we will improvise the melody over two chords only.
This is a fingerstyle guitar lesson for beginners who want to improvise simple guitar melodies on guitar with a simple system that works and it’s fun and creative.
Obviously there will be struggles along the way, but challenges are good and make us better so, embrace the challenges and don’t stop until you are happy with your melodies.
Grab your guitar and let’s get started.

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  1. Great intro, peaked my interest.

  2. etoiledesneiges77

    Thank you it is very helpfull !!

  3. PixelChallenges ლცLaეkლ

    The melody is nice and all but Am I the only one distracted about the man boob plopped

  4. Terrific lesson .. your explanations are clear & easy to follow .. if you were my teacher when I was a kid, I wouldn't still suck at playing the guitar 🙂

  5. Hey Marco! Can you please make a tutorial on playing rock music on acoustic guitar.

  6. Besleaga Vasile Bogdan

    I like that Marco. Could you please to show us the tab for the intro Melody ? Thanks

  7. Jessica McCarthy

    you have helped me more in 6 lessons than any other time thank you i love the therory

  8. keep going, master, you'll be recoganized by this world soon, i bet.

  9. Does anyone know what brand of guitar it is?

  10. spread voiced triads lessons …please with 1st and 2nd inversion

  11. Love your lessons and am keen to sign up on your website. Are these YouTube lessons part of your online courses?

  12. I don't know how you don't get hundreds of thousands of views…..

    I've been playing for 6 months, and learned some absolutely gorgeous stuff from your videos

  13. you man amazing, it's my dream to be a fingerstyle guitarist one day. and your lesson helping me a lot, thanks man….. (y)

  14. amazing video loved it totally

  15. Hy bro
    plise flemenco lesson uplode
    love from india

  16. Nice video ❤️

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