How to find all the notes on the bass guitar in 5 minutes

This video is part of SV Method: practical melodic music theory for bass guitar.


  1. Interesting looking bass! Good lesson! Thanks.

  2. thank you very much!!

  3. So the diagram has 5 strings. Which lines represent the 4 strings? Also how would I use your note learning technique on a 6 string guitar? Thanks.

  4. just wow!

  5. This is actually wrong. Octave:3 step right and 2 step up not 2 step right

  6. rojin ryanly mondero

    is this really notes? these are chords you are teaching!?

  7. Thank you Sanne, Perfectly explained!

  8. Excellent
    Thank you Thank you

  9. Great explanation! Broke it down easy.

  10. Sounds good to me

    i like this lesson this is the only lesson on yt that i can understand better then others… thx

  11. Dank je wel voor dit diagram ! Nu begrijp ik het veel beter!!

  12. Nice lesson. Thanks, Alex

  13. Got it, took 5 minutes and I learned all the notes on the bass.

  14. Very helpful. Thank you.

  15. Very great explanation! Thanks 😉

  16. Thanks this was actually easy to understand

  17. Best explanation on YouTube

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