How to Harmonize Basic Melodies Mini Lead Guitar Lesson

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Hello friends,
and welcome back to Swift Guitar Lessons for another lead guitar tutorial. In today’s session I’ll be showing you how to embellish melodies using chord harmonies. We’ll begin by developing a basic lead line over an Am, Dm, Gmaj, E7 progression, before inserting partials of those chords over specific notes in the melody. Let’s get started!

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  1. Hey friends, thanks so much for checking out this tutorial! You can enjoy the full learning experience with tabs at: Have a great weekend of practice! -Rob

  2. Pls teach me how to play hey there Delilah

  3. That was cool, thanks for posting. I hope you do further lessons on harmonising melodies; there isn't a lot of material on YouTube.

  4. ayushman bhalla

    long fingers and here you can play fine guitar than others becoz of long fingers.

  5. Some new and pretty stuff, Rob, thanks for the instruction.

  6. Do buddy by willie Nelson please

  7. Great lesson. Thank you.

  8. Vernon Osborne

    Beautiful, an fun to play. My little boy loves this sound. Great job once again. Thank you for your time.

  9. Johnny Bumpous

    I like that one

  10. Outstanding. Thank you.

  11. 🙂

  12. Helmut Krenzer


  13. luis hernandez

    muy bueno saludos desde venezuela

  14. El Ing. López

    That sounds pretty beautiful romantic music something like the Trios music made in the 60's

  15. awesome !

  16. wow this is really awesome!!! Thank you so much!!

  17. Hi was wondering if u could do a lesson on .. hitting notes on the down beats and up beats! Structure would be killer if could ! Thanks

  18. Dope lesson ! Thanks

  19. Gergely Pusztai


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