How to Jam on Guitar – Lead Blues Guitar Lesson EP266 (Grateful Dead / Allman Brothers)

How to Jam on Guitar -  Lead Blues Guitar Lesson EP266 (Grateful Dead / Allman Brothers)

This week’s guitar lesson is all about improvising and how to use the major scale when doing so. I’ll break down this jam band style lead and show you how to incorporate these licks into your own playing.

If you’d like to view the Part 2 video, download the tablature, and the MP3 jam tracks (in multiple tempos), you can do so here:
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  1. what do you think of peter greens fleetwood mac jams

  2. Really enjoyed those tasty Allman Bros style licks. Thanks for the lesson:)

  3. Even as a 40+ year player, I've been a member for a long time just because its fantastic how you teach, and as I said, after 40+years, I LOVE practicing these and other lessons, just to keep the chops sharp. I tend to go through phases, ( classic, hard, metal, blues..) but these lessons always make me want to practice and no matter what style I'm into, they are GREAT for making your hands do things they might not otherwise. Tools in the tool box kinda thing.. Thanks again Brian. See ya on the site.

  4. Excellent lesson. I am a Active Melody subscriber. It’s a great value and I am not paid to shill….but I wouldn’t say no! Great stuff and I am not a big Dead fan.

  5. I know this is just a 2 chord backing track , but I think it would be cool in your videos if you played the rhythm part before you played any leads so a guy knew what chords we are playing over. Thanks for posting theses videos , I really don't mean to complain. Just an idea.

  6. Awesome Brian, always a ton of stuff, top quality Dude — Thank you!

  7. דן ליאחובצוק

    Nice guitar…

  8. Андрей Невоград

    Замечательное видео Брайн ! Спасибо !

  9. why don't you notate the appropriate key signature in the tab?

  10. Great summer jam!!!!!!

  11. That's A Fine Sounding Guitar you have Their Thanks for your INFO !!!!!!!!!

  12. Great lesson, thank you. That guitar you're playing is a keeper, really sweet sounding

  13. Now this is the shit, I signed up for! Nothing better than Jamming along with Franklins Tower. Spark one up (or two) you made my weekend. fantastic Brian, love those tasty licks at the end.

  14. Sander Lansberg

    Great video dude

  15. Damn that’s good. The tone on that B&G is amazing. Was that just straight into the amp with a bit of gain?

  16. Dickey Betts / Jerry Garcia mashup!!! It’s Blue Sky over Franklins Tower. So emotional. Love it.

  17. A ton of licks in this one! Early posting…must have weekend plans! Going to Chet Appreciation?

  18. I’m digging that Little Sister Friend!!

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