How To Learn Bass Scales

This guide shows you How To Learn Bass Scales
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  1. Great thanks

  2. MidoTV Adventure

    Done! thank you

  3. I found this video helpful and a excellent general overview.

  4. Thanks, useful summary

  5. Simple and easy to understand.

  6. I'm a beginner and you helped me a lot. First of all was your uncluttered style of presentation. you didn't talk for ten minutes first. Then you showed up close your fingers on each string. Then you went slowly enough for me to see what you were doing. Ill be back. Thank you.

  7. I like his style of explanation
    No haste, yust what a beginner (like me) needs. !!
    Good work!!!

  8. starting on the E string from the 2nd fret which is F# and ending on the fifth fret which is A. now think of only those four chords as 1 to 4, using you middle finger you start on the 3rd fret which is G on the E string which he explains is the second fret (remember 1 to 4) then A which is the 5th fret on the E string with your pinky finger (fourth fret, 1 to 4), then B,C and D on the A string then E,F# and G on the D string. he explains it simply by saying start with your middle finger on G which he says is the second fret! so think of it as the second fret then.

    and if you still don't understand that then here's a bass tab on how it's played


    hopefully this helps 🙂

  9. Preston Wade Rouse

    I just went thru and I saved it for my reference thanks,

  10. Yvonne Griffin-Gibson

    5 years later. I think I can learn a lot from this guy

  11. Why are you playing so close to the frets?

  12. For anyone that is interested in learning how to play bass like the old
    greats, which is moving with the chord progression and utilizing the
    entire neck here is a link:

  13. nice

  14. great video! kept it super simple.

  15. I need to learn the scale and play it under a minute, any tips?

  16. Thanks for this tutorial, very informative and helpful.

  17. 4:15 what is that tune? is that just him messing around on the bass? funky af

  18. This is the most worthless unhelpful video that exists. What a shitty teacher. How about you slow down and show the frets you are playing instead of these stupid closeup shots that make it impossible to distinguish where you even are. And actually teach for an instructional video instead of just screwing around

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