How to learn guitar | Beginner guitar lessons in telugu |Lesson 1

Learn guitar in a very easy way with these guitar lessons.
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All the lessons are going to be in telugu and are going to be very easy to understand.

to know about notes in western music


  1. Nice excellent music lessons brother nanu keyboard playernie brother but want learn guitar it was possible for me brother. It easily or hard

  2. Plz give some numbers to videos we're getting confused,

  3. Brother, Thanks for uploading everything you know. Can you just do a favor for us. Can you rename the titles of videos with 1,2,3,4 sequences, so that it will help us to go in a guided and standard way. Thanks again brother

  4. After 6 months of search I found a platform to learn guitar in Telugu
    Want more Anna

  5. Brother naku guitar ante pichi guitar undi kuda nenu nerchukoleka pothunna plz.. goudens ivvu

  6. Bro mimalni meat avali ante yela bro mi address cheptara?

  7. P.s.nanda Kumar Varma

    anna You look like American

  8. Nice bro

  9. Anna guiter adhi konali

  10. Good information bro tq

  11. I'm preparing by ur lessons

  12. Thought that u r an English man

  13. Love ur clear explanation bro…Great

  14. Kottam Venkataesh

    Super bro love you

  15. Knowledge from A to Z

    I will start

  16. Darling am just fallen love when you started playing the guitar ,am trying to learn guitar playing if it suitable for all or not

  17. I really just love you

  18. Aravind reddy shadagonda

    Thank you bro I will learn

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