How To Learn Notes On The Bass Guitar 1/3 (L#28)

How To Learn Notes On The Bass Guitar 1/3 (L#28)

This is the first of three video lessons dedicated to learning all the notes on the bass fingerboard. It’s especially useful for bass players that have been playing for a while and who want to develop more of an overall knowledge of the instrument.

PDF of lesson material available here:


  1. Dirt Poor Outdoors

    your videos are awesome I've learned so much in such a short time. thank you

  2. Wow

  3. thanks Mark for teaching the make it easy to understand . ..

  4. Wow man. Your a very good teacher. Just watched this & I learned a lot for a beginner who didn't know nothing of the notes. Thanks to you I know more than I did. Keep up the good work!

  5. This guy's a genius teacher. You're a genius teacher, Mark!!!

  6. TheJadeRabbit Kid

    Your shit at helping

  7. How do we know which E it is generally between open E or the E of the A string when written?

  8. Empressas Temoris SA de CV

    holy shit over exposure

  9. My brther's bass only has 3 strings and no pic but it's the only bass in the house so..fuck it.

  10. great lesson for beginers,good job.

  11. thanks

  12. thks i learn something.specially the fret markers system.and you the only one so for far who explains the repeat note from fret 12 all the way to 24fret if i am not wrong(u have 24 frets).only thing i so get used to DO RE ME FA SOL LA SI DO(12345671 instead i am having bit problem on that.any solution for that? thks

  13. 1:16
    No one takes up the bass not to play it seriously

  14. hi I do love your videos Iam trying to teach myself do to a injury to my hand I could no longer play the trombone , but I have a acoustic bass sitting around and I seam to have no problem in handling the neck look forward to learning more.

  15. Nice! Thank you very much.

  16. daprofe music stickers

    love them notes

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  18. Victoria Elliott

    Thank you so much, this is so helpful

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