How To Learn the Notes On the Bass Guitar | Beginner Bass Lessons

In this video, you will learn a unique method to learn the notes on the bass guitar. The hard truth is that many bass players do not know the notes on the bass guitar fretboard, so to set yourself apart from the masses and jumpstart your skills, practice this exercise and you will begin to see extrodinary results!

Whether you are a beginner, pro or anything else between, this exercise is a wake up call and will help you to master the notes on the bass neck!

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Please watch: “How To Learn the Notes On the Bass Guitar”

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  1. Thanks Joe, I've been putting this off, RNF and this lesson are systematically workable without injuring my brain and getting lost. Grateful…

  2. Joe is always so good

  3. Another great lesson Joe…very interesting approach to exploring the fretboard!

  4. Great!!! Really unique lesson!!! I've never seen this kind of approach to this topic.

  5. Hey Guys- Some cool stuff inside this video to help you master the notes on the bass guitar fingerboard.  The problem has always existed with the high percentage of note duplications on the fretboard.  Enjoy- Joe

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