How To Play 10 Easy Beginners Songs On Acoustic Guitar – Part 1 – Drue James

Beginners guitar lesson showing you how to play 10 easy acoustic songs. You only need 8 chords and a few strumming patterns. Perfect for singing round the campfire with friends. The song list is below.


All Chords Explained = 1:20

Passenger – Let Her Go = 6:26
Coldplay – Yellow = 9:04
The Beatles – Twist and Shout = 12:37
Bob Marley – 3 Little Birds (Don’t Worry About a Thing) = 15:42
Bob Dylan – Knockin’ On Heavens Door = 18:38

PART 2: Watch Here…

U2 – With Or Without You =
The Cranberries – Zombie =
Tom Petty – Freefallin’ =
NIrvana – Something In The Way =
Bill Withers – Ain’t No Sunshine =

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Keep on playing 🙂
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  1. Hiding Tonight by Alex Turner please!

  2. Hey Drue, awesome! Like always. Could you do me a huge favor and break down "The A Team" of Ed Sheeran. I'm struggling with the strumming :/

  3. Do boulevard of broken dreams finger style tutorial

  4. Can you do a tutorial about how to play starsailor songs ( way to fall, she just wept, alcoholic) on acoustic guitar, please?

  5. Hey Drue Great Fan of your tutorials… I have a request though. Can you please make a guitar tutorial on Inception's theme (Time) by Hanz Zimmer….

  6. Could you please do a tutorial for "Eugene" by Sufjan Stevens? Its a great tune!

  7. Great can't wait for part 2

  8. Hey Drue Can you please do a tutorial for the song "Secret Garden" ? And can you please use this tab . I just really want some help with my finger placements. Thanks 😀

  9. I'd love to be able to play you've got her in you're pocket but there are no tutorials on YT 🙁

  10. Supernaturally Awesome

    Drue James could you make a guitar tutorial of the song condor pasa the song to the link is right here though that version is to hard so could you make an easier one?

  11. Hi Drue hope your well, can you please do a lesson on 'books from boxes' by Maximo park? ideally the intro riff or the chords. thanks

  12. Drueeeeee!!! i couln't find any complete lesson of Jim Croce's I'll Have to Say I love you in a song… 🙁 can u please please make one?? Thank you!!!

  13. Hey Drue, I really want to learn how to play one of my favorite songs, and one of the songs that convinced me to pick up the guitar, Wataridori by the Japanese artist Cornelius. This song isn't well known and I can't find a guitar cover or tutorial anywhere. ): I would really appreciate it if you did a tutorial on the song.
    Thank you very much.
    P.S. I'm a beginner guitarist.

  14. Boodydahab 0113039720

    Please can you explain (autumn leaves jazz guitar ) dude

  15. Philipp Hasenmaier

    This is awesome! Was waiting for something comparably easy like this to get over my frustration and give my guitar learning motivation some more fuel!

  16. I like that thank you so much


  18. Juan Ignacio Amado Coustie

    5th xd

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