How to Play 12 Bar Blues for Absolute Super Beginner Guitar Lesson Blues Guitar Lessons

How to Play 12 Bar Blues for Absolute Super Beginner Guitar Lesson Blues Guitar Lessons

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  1. hi Marty, you been teaching me the blues, thanks. can you do a lesson on Tab beniot,?

  2. do you have the tabs for these lessons

  3. Junissa Gaming_360

    same guitar but mines black

  4. Thanks Marty! Sipping my coffee and jamming out with ya on this phenomenal lesson

  5. man what year and model is yohr strat that is an amazing guitar

  6. Just a question I've been pondering on, is it cheating to learn the guitar with YouTube videos? ( Sounds stupid I know) and also what's the best way progress In guitar playing in your opinions. thanks

  7. thanks marty i want to thank u what ever i play today just bcz of u this is the best ever channel on youtube god bless marty rockzzzzz

  8. great

  9. From Switzerland i tour a lot of musician about time I start to play tree every thing but your way and your personality. I know the real guy who plays Sultan….. Mister Mark Knopfler and Phil Collins are friend. Hard to catch up but you version of Sultans is great… Now i ammoniaque on Stairway to heaven how can we participate take care micky

  10. better than the Griff ….sorry for the did but its true!!

  11. f n a great lesson!

  12. you are the best….simplest teaching…..but the best of all…

  13. your vids are kewl ahha lol seriously keep it up we appreciate it

  14. This may be a dumb question but can all these principles work for acoustic guitar as well?

  15. Andreas Birkholz

    Hi Marty, I was following you on GuitarJamz and now subscribed to MartyMusic. Always excellent videos and one can feel your passion for guitar playing and teaching. Great job! One thing that bugs me all time is what amplifier setting do you use for your session. It would be great if you could say one sentence about it at the beginning of every of your videos. Thanks a lot!

  16. Istvan De Jesús

    Hey Marty. What string gauge you recomend for blues playing?

  17. Richard Hector-Jones

    This is so helpful. Thank you 🙂

  18. Marty is by far the best guitar instructor on Youtube. Keep up the good work!

  19. What a fantastic series. My life as a blues musician wannabe starts…NOW!

  20. Could you make a lesson on this strumming pattern (with palm muting I suppose) you are using?

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