How To Play A 2-5-1 On The Bass Guitar [ II-V-I ]

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YT 048 – How To Play A 2-5-1 Bass Guitar Lesson [ II-V-I ]

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In this video bass guitar lesson, James of eBassGuitar teach you all about the 2-5-1 chord sequence using the hit Maroon 5 song ” Sunday Morning “.

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Hi, I’m James Eager, a professional musician & online instructor. Over the past 15 years I’ve taught 1000s of students.
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  1. Thanks for the great video. At 10'35'' what's the tune you recommend?

  2. Great lesson, time to study now.

  3. Hey James. I am battling to get my RH fingers ie index and middle fingers to "work" in time with my fretting hand. I tend to favour the index instead of alternating 1 &2 fingers
    . Any exercises to rectify this?

  4. where is the PDF to download???????

  5. that fly in head phones is annoying lol

  6. Thanks for this lesson.

  7. James, I've learned more from your videos in the past few months than I've learned from others on You Tube in the past few years. Thank You so very much! I see that you take requests so if I might ask, there is a Tom Hanks movie "That Thing You Do," that has a pretty cool bass line on one of the songs "Dance With Me." Could you address that song in a future video? It sounds like a 1960's style rocker. Thanks again for sharing your expertise.

  8. As usual…great lesson! Been hearing this progression for years…now it's amazing to hear it and recognize it then apply it…great job of breaking it down. Thanks, James!

  9. Hey James, what's the name of the app you mentioned @ 8:00 ? Couldn't quite catch it.

  10. BelligerentBurgers

    Great lesson, excellent for a semi- beginner like me 😉

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