How to play A Boy Named Sue by Johnny Cash – Acoustic Guitar Lesson

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Thanks for checking out this tutorial on how to play A Boy Named Sue by Johnny Cash.

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  1. what day you was born

  2. Get to the fucking chords already holy shit. 12 minutes?!

  3. Michael Koebnick

    Hi Erich! I was wondering if you could do the songs Jackson and Mississippi Sand by Johnny Cash. Fantastic job on this tutorial! Keep on rockin'!

  4. This video is the one that got me hooked on YourGuitarSage. I liked the song before, but now that I can play it, i love this song.

  5. 21 guys love lady Gaga…

  6. I like the part where Johnny Cash says "MY NAME IS SUE! How Do You Do!" On the Folsom Prison LP he swats an insect and says "Them's mean bastards!"

  7. Interesting fact, "A Boy Named Sue" was originally by Shel Silverstein. You might have heard of him, I know we had some of his books in school.

  8. so good man, thanks a bunch I loved this song as a lad too

  9. Awesome lesson . That is a beautiful guitar by the way.

  10. Hey rockstars!! Check out my free online course at:

  11. I'm just now learning to play the guitar with my five year old son. We sing this song every night! Now we must learn to play it. Great video man!!! BTW, my dog is spade!

  12. "It smells like an A". Love that.

  13. Godamn this is one of the best guitar tutorials I've ever seen. I love people that don't explain each chord!

  14. it's an amazing song to play in guitar..and wow you teach very very nicely!! i have a very tiny request to make…can you please make a guitar tutorial video for jhonny cash there ain't no grave please! 🙂 🙂

  15. sweet… busting out my guitar and learning this tomorrow!!!!

  16. hooked me up. thanks man.

  17. Waller Monster Bus

    Cool video, man! Thanx.

  18. Awesome video man! I love the little noodling riff

  19. Wow you are a good instructor

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