How to Play A Walking Bass Line Lesson | Bass Guitar for Beginners | Daric Bennett’s Bass Lessons

Bass Guitar Players! Check out this lesson on playing a walking bass line over a 2-5-1 progression. I cover very simple progression using the root notes, then move into triads, then talk about passing tones and variations of how to walk a bass line. This is a great beginner to intermediate level lesson that will help you get your hands around these scales and progressions!

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***Here’s links to some of the gear used***

Basses Used:

Elrick Basses

Dunlop Bass Strings

Recording Gear:
Gallien Krueger Plex Preamp

Recording Interface

In Ear Monitors

Great Beginner bass






  1. Aaron Joy's crosswords, plays, music & more

    I just discovered your videos. Love your playing, approach to teaching and attitude. You make the advanced ideas feel down to earth and simple.

  2. Great Lesson. Understanding Modes opens SO many doors….

  3. Excellent lesson Thank you.

  4. Nice to be back Daric. Broke my plucking hand a month ago and its been hell not being able to pick up my bass and join in.

  5. Luis Hernandez

    Awesome explanation, thanks.

  6. do u have dvd with bass lesson on they

  7. awesome lesson sir..please how to do we apply this to our daily groove and play..

  8. theVoluminousPoo

    Thank you for this lesson. My dad got me a bass for Christmas and I have been trying to work on learning something to use with all the scales and arpeggios I've been learning. These lessons saved my practice time.

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