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How to play the acoustic guitar lesson basic fingerpicking – In this lesson Megan teaches the basics of finger picking. You get close ups on the pick hand to really see the technique up close.


  1. Thank you so much from New Zealand.

  2. This video has helped me alot.very easy to understand . Thanks

  3. What is up there?

  4. great lesson it was easy

  5. very

  6. really good lesson and pattern thank you.

  7. Upclose, I see they are yours…..

  8. Are those your real nails on your right hand, or are they artificial nails because I am looking for some excellent thumb and fingerpicks!  If thyey are not yours, please tell me what kind they are, and where to buy them, please……

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  10. Cockatiels 4life

    Bootiful (you vant some memes)

  11. thank you jodie foster

  12. i've never played guitar before and i don't know what i'm doing wrong, but every time i hold down any chord it completely mutes all my strings and i can't pick.

  13. watching this 9 years later to the day this was posted

  14. so.. the plucking pattern is same.. the only thing that we changed is the cord.. thats all, right?..

  15. abhishek vishwakarma

    i m not an organ donor but i own you my heart ..

  16. is this finger picking pattern same for all songs?

  17. thanks I love this

  18. chreyjharken mondrial


  19. thank you sincerely. have a great weekend.

  20. wow. It's really hard but if you will be my mentor I'm pretty sure I'll be good at it. I really liked the way you explain everything on this video!! you rock

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