How to Play Acoustic Guitar – Lessons for Beginners – Strums & Beats

How to Play Acoustic Guitar - Lessons for Beginners - Strums & Beats

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Welcome to Acoustic Guitar For Beginners with Rich Maloof! Time to dust off your guitar and start strumming. You won’t be bogged down in this course by tedious exercises or music theory. Instead, we get straight to the mechanics of chords and strums so that you can pick up a piece of sheet music (or find some online) and start playing songs that you know and love.

As you click from lesson to lesson, check out the other elements in the video player. The Jam tracks, Text, and PDF’s all support the lessons taught on video.

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  1. the worst guitar lesson

  2. I don't get a choked sound and I'm doing what you're doing. I suck that bad.

  3. You had a hard time spitting out "….disco…". LOL I got a chuckle out of that. Thanks much for the informative tutorials!

  4. Heyy… Thank you so much.. buddy (:

  5. i like ur videos truefire

  6. thanks soo much 🙂

  7. i muted it , i even wearn some kind of melody! actully 2 !


  9. professional noodle


  10. You are amazing thank you thank youuuu

  11. Ok, This is Awesome i can finally find a use for my Guitar!!

  12. Any one who wants to buy a guitar or any other musical instrument can visit my channel 🙂

  13. Gahh two classes and not a single nice sound 🙁

  14. watch?v=VunnglIv5nI —> Folk

  15. Had to press replay 5 times but at least i got it YAY!!!! 😀

  16. True story 😀

  17. If you have a smart phone they have apps for that 🙂

  18. Krystle Robertson

    how do you even know if its in tune lol total beginner

  19. you probably have no need for this after 1 year, but in case you still dont know how to mute, don't press the strings down hard onto the fret board, just lightly place your hand over them and strum

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