How To Play AFRICA Toto On Guitar Lesson COMPLETE Song Tutorial EricBlackmonGuitar

Africa Strumming and chords playlist
😃 How Carlos Santana Uses The Dorian Scale For Guitar Solos
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Toto Africa Chord Tabs
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  1. EricBlackmonGuitar

    TOM PETTY And The HEARTBREAKERS YouTube Lesson Playlist from EricBlackmonMusic/EricBlackmonGuitar/EEMusicLIVE

  2. MarieHopkinson Music

    Hey thanks so much for this vid. It took me 11 hours to learn this song last weekend, and I made a video of it here

  3. Wherez the vid for the strum pattern?

  4. Excelent!

  5. Thanks Eric, an excellent lesson on what I consider one of the best songs my sorry ears have ever heard. Toto is a great group, so much talent there.

  6. Came for the memes, stayed for the KNOWLEDGE

  7. One of the hardest things I work with is the beat! Without it there's no music! thanks Eric. Love your work man!!

  8. Ill be damned if your accent doesn't remind me of Mitch Hedberg. Guess y'all are from the same parts.

    Thanks for the tutorial.

  9. Brilliant lesson. I love the way you slow it down and really emphasize things so even beginners can learn this song. Thanks a lot!!!

  10. Is he using an alternate tuning? Doesn't seem standard to me.

  11. Great lesson. Thank you. I've watched a few of your videos and really like them. Great approach to teaching. Very easy to follow.

  12. I'm all shook up , lol ! Tell me again what's the difference between sharps and flats !!!
    lmfao …

  13. David guitar madman

    Fantastic Eric! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Germain Lévesque

    Good job, Eric. Quite detailed and easy to follow. I have to agree with TheAlec696, though. The Gb in the verse sounds better as Ebm7, indeed. As a matter of fact, the official music sheet from Hudmar Publishing Co. (publisher for David Paich of Toto) indicates the chord is actually D#m (same as Ebm). Nevertherless, this is a great video. Thanks!

  15. Adam Strejcovsk√Ĺ

    now i can finally bless the rains down in africa

  16. Yup, u, this is the
    Shiz niz zle
    Well done

  17. Learned this song in an evening. Great guide.

  18. i fuckin luv this guys voice haha
    instant sub

  19. PICKLE RICK sanchez

    Is this God?

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