How to Play Against the Wind on Guitar – Bob Seger Acoustic Guitar Lesson

How to Play Against the Wind on Guitar – Bob Seger Acoustic Guitar Lesson
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Intro 0:49
Verse 2:50
Pre-chorus 7:25
Chorus 8:12
Outro 9:53

Bob Seger’s Live Bullet is one of the most iconic live albums ever. His album Night Moves spawned the title track along with the awesome ballad Main Street and the uptempo rocker Rock and Roll Never Forgets. In this Guitar Control lesson with Sean Daniel, Sean breaks down another of Bob Seger’s iconic hits, Against the Wind. This is a mid-tempo rocker that sounds really good on acoustic guitar. Sean shows you how to play Against the Wind on guitar in this Against the Wind guitar lesson.

Against the Wind is an ideal song for beginners to learn. The Against the Wind chords are basic. Learning how to strum Against the Wind is easy because the strum patterns are simple and the tempo is so laid back. Against the Wind by Bob Seger is a popular song that almost anybody will recognize, so this is a perfect song to learn, especially if you play acoustic. When you learn how to play Against the Wind on guitar, you are learning how to play Against the Wind on acoustic guitar or electric guitar. The chords for Against the Wind are the same.

Bob Seger has a lot of great hits along the lines of Against the Wind. Night Moves is a perfect example. There’s a killer Night Moves lesson available at Guitar Control as well. Learn how to play Against the Wind on guitar and then add Night Moves to your catalogue as well. There’s nothing like strumming some great Bob Seger songs, especially when you’re at a party or just hanging out. Against the Wind by Bob Seger on guitar and Night Moves are awesome Bob Seger songs for this purpose. Check out this great Bob Seger guitar lesson from Guitar Control and let Sean Daniel show you how to play Against the Wind by Bob Seger.

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  1. Thank you

  2. This was a good lesson. Manly beard, haha.

  3. srishti rajoria

    really nice ….thanks very well explained

  4. Man it's so easy to overlook rotation on chord changes. Great tip!

  5. Thanks mate, that's a huge help. Cheers

  6. Thanks-a for a great-a lesson.  Seriously tho, you were a great help getting my Seger on!  Thumbs and subscription.

  7. Damn Sean, I can't keep up with you, lol, I found you on Guitar Control as well as Sean Daniel. Great tutorial my friend. Navy Mark

  8. awesome

  9. I love your teaching style, Sean. Hope we see more from you.

  10. Great song! Great lesson! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Your tab doesn't match your description (or the song). At 2:50 you state the sequence as G G Bm Bm C G C D but the chord sheet shows G G Bm Bm C G D C ; G G Bm Bm C G D C. I believe the actual song uses G G Bm Bm C G D C ; G G Bm Bm C G C D D.

    It is odd the way you change the strumming pattern to omit the up stroke on the 2 + at 3:554:20.

    You show the repeated Outro as G C when I believe it should be more correctly C G


  13. Hey Sean,
    Good to see you again. Great stuff. Excellent explanation of the importance of counting with numbers.
    Will Ian be joining you over here? I got a lot of help from his neverlost system.
    Your Johnny B Goode lesson is super, thank you very much!
    Dave in the Adirondacks

  14. I want that Fender hoodie! 🙂

  15. Excellent lesson, thanks! Keep making vids of whatever songs you like; I'm gonna watch and learn them all, I hope. I play country, blues, bluegrass and anything else, so just keep making the lessons!! One suggestion: on the chord chart, I would make it easier to follow by making a Chord Letter designation for each beat.

  16. Hot-digitie-dog Man 1234 simple Stardom gcgbm Gm Bm Hopt 234 an you got it…But Man could you Slow down…this bar and stuff is cramming it too Fast for Me BuD

  17. No tab only "How to Play Against the Wind on Guitar – Bob Seger Acoustic Guitar Lesson" ????

  18. Thomas A Rollins Sr.

    I'm a Big, Bob Seger Fan, since 1972, You did Good on Lesson, But You played wrong, Intro is 4 bars of G, then song starts, 2 bars of G, 2 bars of Bm, one bar of C, one bar of G, one bar of D, one bar of C, back to G, and on The C walk down (C, Bm, Am, C back to G) I've watched Seger, On the C, instead of going to Bm, use middle finger hit the B (on A string) Strum, then Am, C back to G, But Like I said GOOD Lesson, Just a little off. Thanks

  19. You gained yourself a sub!

  20. thanks for the video, for me the as a beginner I liked the chord change timing info that has always been an issue for me

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