how to play “All Right Now” by Free – guitar lesson

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For more information on this lesson go here:–rhythm.html

An electric guitar lesson on how to play “All Right Now” by Free featuring Paul Kossoff.



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  1. Shutup & Play - guitar tutorials

    For more information on this lesson go here:–rhythm.html

  2. Great lesson, probably the most accurate.
    However, I absolutely cannot play an A power chord and reach the low E at the 5th fret with my pinky, you must have big hands if you can make it with your ring finger.

  3. Thanks for this lesson. I recorded a version of this after watching another channels lesson of it and I spent a week scratching my head as it didn't sound right. This is the most accurate lesson. I think it's worth noting there's obviously no bass on the verses so the low A is to thicken out the sound (especially live) otherwise the bottom end falls out noticeably, especially with the pinky bar A shape. Also Kossoff is feeding off of Paul Rodgers vocal with the slides and the cutting short of chords. I know you will be awre of this. It might help for people to get the vibe. I recorded a version with a squier bullet. Really need a Les Paul though I think he may have possibly used a Strat for overdubs and rhythm parts on more songs than generally recognized. Thanks once again!! Great lessons and channel. Very useful and helpful!

  4. Hey its great you teach people, for those who go can do a rythum lead bass run, then sing I ask you to help share look Forward to seeing you nice licks.

  5. Open g too I think.

  6. No guitar solo isn't that the most memorable the most iconic part of the song????????

  7. Thanks for this great lesson on this song!! You have great sound and style!!

  8. thank you very helpful thumbs up #1386

  9. excellent clues.  thanks much

  10. So glad I watched your video before trying to play that song now I can play it right the first time thanks as always

  11. Rebel Souls Los Angeles

    you are a life saver! got a gig having to do 4 sets and most of the songs i needed help with you nailed! I owe you a beer next time you are in LA.

  12. Man, who ARE you?

  13. Finally someone who hears it!

  14. Simply brilliant! the devil is in the detail, you know kossoff likes his open cords. cheers

  15. I love this video.

  16. Great tutorial . All of your tutorials are great and right on the money .thanks

  17. Best explanation I've seen – thanks for working that out

  18. Oh yea. I love Kossoff…. can I ask what guitar you use and amp for this song? You are getting the 1959 Les Paul Standard sound played through a Marshall, I love it….

  19. Too cool.

  20. This way sounds best. I never really tried to play the song too much because I didn't get how it was done. Thanks mate. I like your lessons.

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