How to Play Along on Bass Guitar

Going over some of the easiest ways to simplify bass so you can play along and jam with a guitar player of other musician.

Rocking the Rickenbacker 4003 through an Ampeg Portaflex and an Ernie Ball MusicMan Albert Lee through a Fender G-Dec.

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  1. Excellent teacher. No boring, endless talking just saying enough and getting on with it. Well done

  2. your D and G string are wound backwards. It's a good way to screw up your bass.

  3. Thanks Sean, this was helpful to a rookie like me.

  4. Elfriede Klaustaler

    Dude this Video is great! This helps so much for me

  5. Jonathan Overton

    Man I miss my Rickenbaker. 1968 4001 RIP

  6. this is really easy to follow a lot of these bass "tips" and geared twords the masters. It took me a month to figure out what a root note was watching other "tips"

  7. maximiliano calderon

    What happens if the guitar has a capo on a fret?

  8. Those who criticise us bass players for so often using simple root and fifth bass lines do not understand what the studio bass player is expected to do first and foremost.We are called upon to keep the rhythm perfectly.We are more responsible for this than the drummer.If the drummer speeds up or slows down instead of being steady we have to get the drummer in line.We have to lay down a harmonic outline that is Clear and flawless.The root of the chord alone allows us to do this,but adding the fifth adds to the sense of harmony and lends some variety.You may think that people find bassists who only use roots and fifths in perfect time boring and unimaginative.Perhaps they do.They can never say that such a bassist is Wrong.That's why simple and correct gets more work than flashy and off the beat and vague or incorrect about the harmony.If the client wants more complex stuff,we can provide it.Usually its Keep it simple sir.Ask a bassist who does studio work if what I say is not basically correct.

  9. Yes, roots and 5th are the same for major and minor! Sweet but I do try to add that flatten third in order to bring out the minor chord. Again, great simple lesson.

  10. Nice lesson! There are tons of songs that only focus on root and 5th note.

  11. "Prey on the insecurities of bass players" LMAO !!!

  12. Mind blown sir., ur so good! thanks

  13. Justin Scoutmode

    First Learn how to put the strings on the bass, Then talk.

  14. wow ! thanks

  15. Does anybody make a pedal that simulates everything rattling around on your shelves and coffee & end tables? It's hard to get that in a large venue because everything is directly lined and it's hard to carry your furniture and knickknacks on the road!

  16. Giorgio Ciarambino

    please stop doing video how to play bass. you cannot teach how to play it.

  17. Subscribed…thanks

  18. Guitarist who just started playing bass to fill out my demos…this was fantastic!! Thanks for making it.

  19. enjoy

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