How to Play Amazing Grace on the Guitar – Part 1 – Acoustic Guitar Lessons


More guitar lessons –

Part 2 (Breakdown):


This example illustrates the creation of the arrangement. The first chorus features mainly the bass and the melody. Later, harmonies and chords are introduced. Then, chord substitutions are made and some filler notes are added.
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  1. Isn't it a lesson?

  2. tnk 🙂

  3. Not really a lesson

  4. Seriously I need to learn this. I can die happy afterwards.

  5. Love your playing–Absolutely beautiful rendition. However, I'm a beginner with small hands and short fingers! 🙁 So I need to get a beginner's lesson.

  6. Nice playing but this is not a "how to play".

  7. That was beautiful, like watching a magician, but all I saw was rabbits from the hat; don't know exactly how it was done.

  8. Please show us the version of Tommy Emmanuel. It's the Best!!!

  9. Before you critisize , you need to know what he is doing. You need to be at least a beginning intermediate. That takes time, patience and practice.

  10. what the heak guys this is a good song

  11. Does anyone have the chords to this version?

  12. Wow

  13. absolutely beautiful!

  14. Uthai Amornsaksawat


  15. Uthai Amornsaksawat


  16. Uthai Amornsaksawat


  17. Samuel Silva Rocha

    increva-se em meu canal para me ajudar e fazer com que os videos que eu postar sejam deste jeito

  18. I cried…so pretty

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