How To Play Amazingly Easy 1625 Jazz Walking Bass Guitar Jazz Lines & Riffs EricBlackmonGuitar
The Bass Muted Backing Track In This Video
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  1. EricBlackmonGuitar

    THE BACKING TRACK in this video with chords

  2. Nice nice nice as always Mr Blackmon!

  3. Thank You Eric!

  4. You have really made some good lessons. You should really be proud of that !
    I'm a guitarist and zm considering to learn to play some bass lines.
    Can you recommend a bass that has a good basic quality but is not too expensive .
    I play mostly blues and older rock, rock n roll and surf.
    Thanks anyway for all your videos !

  5. Stephen Lonsdale

    I think you are the best tutor out there, thank you!

  6. Eric, you make things make sense! Thank you, sir!

  7. Thanks Eric! -This is great!

  8. Emmanuel SCHAEFFER

    Thank you very much for proposing this clear tutorial. Very helpful !

  9. You are a crystal cool teacher! thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  10. Superb!!! You're such an amazing teacher…thanks for this and i hope more of this quality video/teaching

  11. very nice,thank you.

  12. stan broniszewski

    These jazz licks are so cool. Whenever my friends and I are in the studio, my bass playing gets too predictable. Definitely adding these lines.

  13. Johnny Quest Cowboyz *

    Man thank you for teaching me that I really appreciate it

  14. Can't hear what your playing over the backing tracks, but it's just what I've been looking for. I wish ALL bassist that make videos would learn, just turn everything else almost off then record. Or maybe it's all the years playing I can't hear the bass frequency as well anymore.

  15. Great riff!!

  16. Great video as usual Eric

  17. y do make it so easy????


  19. Great ….Easy and to the point….this is how I like to be taught…..rc

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