How to play an A minor Acoustic Shred Riff – Guitar Lesson by Mike Gross

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  1. Thank you for this. i've always found shredding on an Electric so much easier than an acoustic; so this was really helpful

  2. your so funny mike. that intro! haha

  3. hotriffsofthrash

    I bet your acoustic had a nice setup done to it. That lick would be hard to play with high action

  4. hotriffsofthrash

    Nice!! Thanks for sharing

  5. Teach how not how teach lol

  6. And how to tune to it

  7. Can you please how to teach she talks to angles by the black crows

  8. Great lesson ! I just got an Ibanez acoustic/electric guitar and thats an awesome lick to play on it !

  9. Perfect man. I have a question and a request. Question: In that shred, it looked like minor third intervals, was it? Request: Keep it up brother, I come here often for intermediate/advanced lessons!

  10. What style did you say it was called Mike?

  11. A lot of times i'm playing on the g,b,e strings i'll start with an upstroke, should I be practicing starting with a down? Thanks

  12. Blurry by Puddle of Mudd

  13. Dud I freaking love ur videos!!!!!!! and was wondering if u could do more of these ..

  14. nice!


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