How To Play An Electric Guitar Solo Without Even THINKING About Scales #1 Am YouTube

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The #1 How To Play An Electric Guitar Solo Tutorial On YouTube!
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  1. Excellent instruction! I have been playing over 40 years and still love to learn new techniques. Happy Holidays!

  2. Great lesson, you definitely taught me some new stuff to play around with, thank you !

  3. Very cool!

  4. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

    Very nice! Kinda reminds me of Bachman Turner Overdrive, Blue Collar

  5. what a great video! thank you so much, this really helped me :)

  6. Very fun…Very rewarding…And that's what it's all about. :)

  7. right on Eric. But now for the ultimate question. I can play bits and riffs from all kinds of songs. from fast runs like Jump in the Fire down to some Hendrix, Page. the lost goes on and on. my fingers work to a teachable degree I think and others say I have natural ability. I know nothing really. I know the basic chords shapes and yknow the main chords A E C D F G some pinky widely widely bits but no little else about theory or the mechanics of playing. I'm sick of playing just what I know and I do pick up new bits here and there reading tabs. it's pretty awesome playing with a song and you know you're in the zone but then comes all the tough stuff and you move on.
    What / how do you suggest I start learning to go the proper route to actually learning to play instead of just copying something with no knowledge or theory behind. Keep in mind I'm not a green beginner so I think I can skip the very simple stuff if this makes sense? I need direction and can't swing a tutor. hope this question makes sense and others can glean some insight into playing. and to you folks,. look I never thought Id be able to hit a G chord little alone playing the things I do know now. don't waste your life not playing. if your young, stay serious about your playing, put the Xbox down. I'm 47 and I've had a guitar in my hand over the years many times. I should be a master now but I gave up too often. don't do that. stay diligent to your art.

  8. thats how i play, self taught. Just learned to go up and down the frets the way, incorporate bends and pull offs. Learn the sounds on the neck by ear and youll know where to begin your solo.

  9. I just found this video. Awesome lesson. Keep it simple! This is how I started learning to play guitar. one note at a time, one string at a time, one fret at a time. Find a note and move my fingers around. I don't read music, and I am no musician, but I sure enjoyed 45 years of playing. And I still learn this way. Move my fingers. They found the Pentatonic scales on their own. Probably some other scales and terms I don't know the name of. Thanks for this. I hope all beginners get to see it.

  10. Thx man. I needed that simple unlocking of such a simple thing that I see now. Can you go on and change the modal voicings just by removing or adding some other notes. But you probably need to understand modes 1st off. But you're right man. " what cannot you play that sounds good?" The guitar let's you know immediately when something doesn't jive. Gonna give these a go. Subscribed and gonna check it out thx

  11. Romeo Frankenstein

    Great job, thanks.

  12. Could you plse add diagrams, makes it a lot easier ! Thnx
    Greetz from the Netherlands

  13. Christopher Alchin

    Mannnnn I just waisted 25 years learning scales…

  14. Awesome. No thinking… just music, feeling it and finding it. A few basics help, but then you gotta let go and stomp your foot!

  15. Very cool dude! Thanks! I'm a novice guitar player and this really helps! Love it!

  16. inspiring

  17. Great lesson..thanks for your help!

  18. You`re at least as good as Marty Schwartz is. It`s so easy to learn  play guitar with you. Thanks a lot.

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