How To Play 'Angie' by The Rolling Stones

How To Play 'Angie' by The Rolling Stones

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Guitar Pilgrim
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  1. I didn’t know Justin Trudeau gave guitar lessons , great job!

  2. grr I wish the chords were flipped upside down, tough to read lol

  3. Brilliant lesson, thank you.

  4. Best lessons guy out there !!!

  5. Perfetto

  6. José Luis Trigo

    Thank you, very clear. Sounds great

  7. Thx Brother,,,Subs You!

  8. Captain Bob Smiley

    I have a terrible hang nail on my left pinky. I would love to play now, but….

  9. Captain Bob Smiley

    I learned this song by the sheet music many years ago and it was quite different.
    You version is correct.
    I never played it the same way twice, but I'll be playing it this way from now on.
    Thanks. Great job!

  10. Guitar pilgrim, my new favorite teacher

  11. very good sound and tutorial!! which model is your guitar? top in cedar?

  12. great tutorial ! What I'm wondering is who are the 10 dip-shits (so far) that felt this deserved a thumbs-down ?? What are these clowns really expecting, a new car ??

  13. bluescanfly1981

    That tone! – you could eat with a spoon

  14. This is how lessons should be done

  15. Muhammet Çilingir

    You are a real king. Thank you so much 🙂

  16. Alfaducentor marcel

    très bonne pédagogie. Ce sera cette version que je vais retenir pour peaufiner ce morceau qui me plait beaucoup.

  17. Great teaching and video support! Many thanks!

  18. Good lesson, a little fast but that's what pause is for I guess. Nice guitar buddy and thanks for the video, really appreciate the video brother, rock on.

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