How to Play – Animals by Maroon 5 on Electric Guitar – Guitar Lesson Tutorial

How to Play – Animals by Maroon 5 on Electric Guitar – Guitar Lesson Tutorial
Watch Animals cover here:

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  1. tab plz!!!

  2. Maxim Sharakin

    Please add the tabs

  3. shadowchanger101

    What is the strumming pattern from 0:36 to 0:56?

  4. cool

  5. +kfir Ochaion I noticed u do some maroon 5 songs could u do payphone or love somebody

  6. Maxim Sharakin

    It would be awesome if u made this video with tabs an shorter

  7. Which type of strats is your guitar?

  8. Siddharth Arora

    Hey can u give me the tabs please…..
    arora. this is my gmail account… Please if u can give the tabs it would be a great pleasure

  9. how much r ur lessons?!?!?

  10. You are awesome,your dedication can be clearly seem ,you've inspired me to start learning electric guitar ,thanks mate ,love your work!

  11. U never showed how to play the part at 2:00

  12. dude you can't play your guitar isn't even plugged in to the amp

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  14. Tap please

  15. Man, you are awesome! Did they actually play that in the song, or did u come up with that?

  16. New hash tag? #KingKfir

  17. I really need the tabs…please

  18. Леонид Петров

    Very nice, please add tabs – it will be perfect ))

  19. 林晨楓(Andy)

    Thanks so much for your shares. I really appreciate your lesson on how to play it.
    And honestly, i really really love your version on this song and i already have listened your previous video for almost hundred times. Thanks agian

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