How to play Apache by The Shadows – Guitar Lesson Tutorial

How to play Apache by The Shadows - Guitar Lesson Tutorial

How to play Apache by The Shadows

In this guitar lesson tutorial, we look at how to play the lead guitar part of the instrumental Apache as performed by Hank Marvin and the Shadows. The song was originally written by Jerry Lordan.

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The Shadows – Apache

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How to play Apache

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Lesson by Paul Campion


  1. This is one great detail lesson, I've been playing for years, but wow I appreciate this.

  2. Gracias hermano estoy aprendiendo poco a poco

  3. Deberías poner acordes a lado de la pantalla

  4. Quiero aprender a tocar esta canción

  5. I played this back in the 60’s but I had never heard of the shadows, the Ventures had the big hit with it in the states. Have heard the Shadows and it it is a great rendition. Enjoyed your video

  6. The most famous version is Tommy Seebach. This one is so generic. LOL

  7. Good lesson, but I prefer The Ventures version.
    The Shadows use D minor which is wrong. It should be D.

  8. It was also recorded by Jordan Ingram!, please study up on your musical history, you dummy

  9. If you can make the snow man
    Walking in the air

  10. I tried to learn this as my first song back in '64 in ma school dorm room. That ended my trying to learn an instrument.

  11. This is one of the finest detailed lessons I've every seen. Thank you for the time you took to share your skills with everyone.

  12. Hi again Paul! Could you please do a tutorial on Perfidia by the Shadows?

  13. Hi Paul, brilliant lesson, thank you so much! I really appreciate it.


  15. Just what iv been looking for someone who takes there time for us beginners thank you my friend .

  16. Hello any chance you could do a lesson on sleepwalk ? I am thinking the beat might 6/8?

  17. Paul can you play the bert weedon version as I can't find anyone who can or teaches it.

  18. I just discovered this channel and learned this song.
    You are amazing teacher! I hope you will continue to create lessons!

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