How to Play "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" By Led Zeppelin On Guitar – Guitar Lessons

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  1. Marty: you are the man. Thanks for the lesson

  2. That feeling when you're just picking cool song, adding 'Marty' to yt search box and getting an expected result
    every time
    thanks man

  3. How the fuck can an idiot like me play this. Marty you ledgend.

  4. It was so good u til that f bar chord came on.

  5. Marty, my man. I love this song. I would've skipped right over this when I came across it a year or two ago (too hard at the time), but now I'm looking back to see what I've missed and I'm not disappointed.

  6. That's perfect! I must learn the exact way you play it.Just like it's played on the record.Jimmy Page and you my friend.Thanks for showing.

  7. LittleFlyingAnimationMV's

    Beautiful calm beginning of the song
    Me: Wow… That’s so-


  8. Tried to figure out a good way to brake up with my girlfriend. I guess this is the way.

  9. Yo! Who else's fingers had an orgasm while playing this. Thank you Marty man for another amazing breakdown.

  10. You play this perfect!

  11. Any thoughts on the slow coda/outro?

  12. Rains of castamere

  13. can some one tell me wich tune daes his guitare is tuned?

  14. So would I be able to sing along to this and loop the other tricky parts too??

  15. Deranged Response

    Hello and thanks for posting your videos….. A couple a days ago I watched your video on how to play Neil Young's "junkee song". I think it's my favorite Neil Young song. Well. I had it down before you finished the video….. Now I'm learning this one. This one is a little bit harder…. OK a lot harder. Looks like I'll be referencing this video a few times. Again thanks for these videos!!

  16. Gotta play the F chord with your thumb or it doesn't sound right.

  17. Great teacher..subscribed

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