how to play "Back in Black" on guitar by AC/DC – rhythm guitar LESSON

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For more information on this lesson go here:–rhythm.html

An electric guitar lesson on how to play Back in Black by AC/DC. The album was produced by Mutt Lange and the parts are all really tight which reflect his perfectionist approach.



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  1. Shutup & Play - Guitar Tutorials

    For more information on this lesson go here:–rhythm.html

  2. 이펙터는 뭘로써요?

  3. Thanks man, sent you a 5

  4. wich amp settings do you use ??

  5. Excellent job as always!

  6. Great lesson! Thanks once again, nobody gets it as close to real as you do!!! Greetings from Uruguay quarantine 😉

  7. one thing he does wrong is he should first play the tune ,i agree with the guy below me ,

  8. Its funny. This song always threw me off because of the timing but songs like bark at the moon I got the rhythm in no time

  9. Alex Guitar Watson

    Who is struggling with the chorus riff? I mean rhythmically?

  10. I’d like to see you play it all through first then go into the tutorial, it gives an idea what exactly is being learned. Great video though

  11. Lawrence t. Mcguilicutty

    I am now 61, got my first guitar at age six, 55 years of playing and I still enjoy the hell out of this channel.

  12. Thanaphum Suepsangad


  13. Grazie,

  14. Can you make the solo please?

  15. Thanks for the lessons, you are very good at what you do!!

  16. Andy it's Vi BROT oh , not Vi BRAT oh! lol . Great job buddy! Sick ears!

  17. Юра Рязанов

    Дружище ты великолепен божий дар не пропьешь

  18. I learned the lick and three new things: my tone sucks, so does my timing, and even with a gate, I make loads of untidy noise where there should be silence. This is depressing.

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