how to play “Badge” on guitar by Cream | Eric Clapton | guitar lesson tutorial

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For more information on this lesson go here:–rhythm–solo.html

An electric guitar lesson on how to play “Badge” by Cream from their 1969 Goodbye album.



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  1. Shutup & Play - guitar tutorials

    For more information on this lesson go here:–rhythm–solo.html

  2. George has stated that Eric's guitar only comes with the arpeggiated part. So I'd assume the beginning is George.

  3. Michael Gorman

    George Harrison is billed as Angelo Mysterioso and is playing Rhythm guitar in the credits, which could be that nice steady electric rhythm on the track, I always loved the piano – I have loved this song ever since I first heard it, it is unique.

  4. Thank you for mentioning Felix Pappalardi.

  5. alphadogstudio

    According to Eric Clapton, the only part Eric plays on is the lead and the Leslie part that everyone thinks is George! George plays everything else

  6. WysteriaGuitar

    What can be said that has not been said before? nothing, except to say again – BEST GUITAR INSTRUCTOR ON YOUTUBE!

  7. Beautiful work as always Andy. I like the Jeff Healey version too, also arranged for mostly guitar like yours, thanks so much.

  8. Who is the Tool Box that clicked "Thumbs down?"
    One of the greatest songs ever, and Andy is going to show us the way.

  9. How is it that you keep picking all my favorite songs to demo and teach? I've known this song for nearly 50 years, and now I can finally learn it. Thanks!

  10. Your lessons capture the subtleties of these classic songs better than anyone. I watched your demo and didn’t recognize what you were doing with the keyboard part and so I went and listened to the Cream original and it is absolutely there! Like you, I never thought about it much. I’ve seen many transcriptions of this song and those aspects are never addressed. This is great!

  11. Plated bas in a band doing this song many moons ago. Thanks for this lesson.

  12. My Blues Guitar

    Great job, man! I've just done a tutorial on this myself. Very interesting to hear your take on some of the parts. Love all your work and style of presentation. Big thumbs up from me and I am already a subscriber A+++

  13. Even with all of the guitar layers, you still knocked it out of the park. Throw in I dig a pony for good measure. Fabulous as always.

  14. Antonio Cavicchioni

    Excellent class as always! What effect could be used to aproach that Leslie sound if I don't have one?

  15. You are an amazing gift. Hope that you are rich, and happy!

  16. Really appreciate your spot on and detailed lessons.

  17. …nice job ….great tune "

  18. Thanks again for always showing the coolest details and correct ways to play classic songs.

  19. Supposedly George played the scratches in the first part of the song. He’s also credited in mistakenly reading “bridge” as “Badge.”

  20. Regarding the guitar parts to the song, who played what and where, it’s my understanding that George played everything up to the signature guitar lick that comes in around the 1:07 mark.

    That lick and the rest of the guitar part(s) to the end of the song is all Eric.

    Sadly, everyone else involved on the record has passed on except for Clapton and Ginger Baker.

    I’m so glad you covered this track. Great how you covered the piano part simulation via guitar!! Cheerz

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