How to Play Bang a Gong (Get It On) by T. Rex – Guitar Lesson

This is a 3 chord series lesson on how to play Bang a Gong (Get It On) by T. Rex and The Power Station. This is a super easy tune. Great classic and a really fun one! Hope you dig this new song tutorial. For more help with guitar and free resources go to

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  1. Caoimhín Ó Caoimh

    Instant error with wrong lyrics in the beginning. Also on an acoustic guitar… lol

  2. Stefano Lo Bianco Benitez

    Hello , good afternoon !! Thanks so much for your classes , I learn a lot of with you teacher . I,ve gotta tell you that the first time that I saw you I thought you were James Hetfield the singer and guitar of Metallica , jajajaja . Have a nice day , bye bye

  3. I had a bit of a struggle buying a Taylor over a Gibson ,I bought a koa and I still wonder if I did the right thing..Those damn Gibson sound so great .ha!

  4. What is that buzzing?
    Tuners – frets? Sounds like something is loose

  5. Adrian Russell

    Funny, if you watch all of the video's it's the bass guitar playing the A and E strings, Mark comes in with the other stuff,

  6. Edward Ivanisko

    try some palm muting …better than out of control low E

  7. Stewart Mackay

    It was only released as "Bang a Gong" in the USA because the prudish thinking at the time was that the real title, Get it On, was too suggestive for the American youth. The rest of the world knows it as Get it On. Nice vid though. many thanks

  8. The Future Now

    ….. on the "A" chord, Bolan adds the "G" note on the 1st string. (Try it, you'll like it.) And singing the wrong lyrics is sacrilegious.

  9. Eric, several comments below this one, keep scrolling, you will find it.

  10. Eric, another good lesson, bravo!!!! Why should that ButtHole critize your vocals, none of his business. He got a free lesson!

  11. 20 century boy next please

  12. Don't worry …I don't trust the Man.

  13. How come you don’t have tab on this ?

  14. Great, but not quite the same as the actual song

  15. George Griffith


  16. I can't tell you how happy I am that this video exists. I was out fooling around in my garage when I found one of my dads old tapes. So I put it in the radio and it was the Power Station. I couldn't help but look online to see if some kind soul had figured out how to play this catchy tune.

  17. cringe intro

  18. 1st time user, awesome lesson…..thanks

  19. It's actually get it on, bang a gong, get it on.

    No hate, nice video

  20. I think it's the timing that throws some people off.

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