How to play Barre chords on guitar

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  1. Can someone tell me what should I have to do with finger one (who goes all the way form the bottom of the neck to the top )

  2. thank you so much andy, I have been trying to learn guitar for 5 years, and from watching your starting course before 4 months had me going ! I now know how to play guitar
    thank u so much, u are such an inspiration and a great teacher
    I would recommend you to every beginners

  3. What frets are what chord

  4. I usually give up when a song has barre chords. This lesson has been a huge help.

  5. Bye guitar 😉 I cant do that

  6. You are amazing!
    Love from Israel

  7. The finger that you barre with, does it press down all six strings?

  8. Ur great,thank you!

  9. i am here to hire you

    im just trying to get a song right but literally all the videos i see includes barre chords and im only 12 years old and finger not long enough, so i am just gonna give myself the middle finger

  10. Many Thanks Andy, most helpfull!!! Cheers from Lisboa, Portugal

  11. Brilliant …thanks!!!

  12. Excellent video Andy!

  13. Honestly barre chords have me so close to breaking my guitar

  14. Thank You Andy, I love you soul for sharing i love Music an it was a Lady GaGa art concert that lit my passion she is the best voice out there

  15. Hi Andy. I've been learning how to play guitar for a year now. And I'm still struggling because of flying fingers. I tried some exercises but it's still a big issue for me cause I got used to it. Can you recommend me something that might help? I would be delighted if you could give me an advice. And thanks for this video it's really helping me with the barre chords.

  16. Where can i order your book?

  17. I'm Just learning guitar and barre Chords are Hard But these Tips Helps a lot Thank You.

  18. Can you do a tutorial on one way ticket by the darkness

  19. Amazing lesson as always!!

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