How to play BASS FILLS… like the pro’s do it.

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At some point or another we ALL want to be able to play a kick-ass bass fills, right?…

The gag is, I see a LOT of players trying to pull them off, but unfortunately they end up sounding garbled (is that even a word, lol?), sloppy, and honestly, just like they’re trying to “shoe-horn” a bass fill in without knowing what notes they should be using, or even makes a great bass fill.

If this sounds like you – don’t worry, I’ve got an AWESOME trick that’s going to get you playing bass fills… like the pro’s do!

In this lesson you’re going to learn:

– How to use the bass fill minimisation technique to get multiple bass fills from just one idea
– How to stop starting every bass fill you play on the same beat of the bar/measure (this is a VERY common mistake!)
– How pentatonic scales can be used to create great sounding bass fills

And MUCH more…

Ready? Let’s jump in!

As always, see you in the shed…

Scott 🙂


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  1. James Jamerson rulz ! Particulary crazy about Ain't no Mountain High enough ( a slow version of his). Brazil again, big fan of your vídeos !

  2. Wow! Super! Thank you for making the difficult look doable. You sir are a good teacher. Thank you again!

  3. Daniel Niederschulte

    This would instantly be the only YouTube channel that mattered to me if you could get seriously in depth in an analysis of James Jamerson. Spread the gospel of old Motown please

  4. i grew up in Detroit suberbs the first and probly most cool bass line Jamerson ever recorded is,
    the hopped up version of Grapevine .. you should totally get here and do a bass clinic at -Dime the bass society here in the D is,emence Scott i drummed with many many bassists before i started playing bass .
    Motown has,some of the best ever players in the world …

  5. I love hevy meatl

  6. Who’s Jamerson?

  7. Big Jamison fan! Listening to Meters and Vulfpek and Anderson Paak. Crazy good grooves.

  8. aint no mountain high enough!!!! he killed that…i was never a really big fan of the song till i started playing bass and paid attention one of the most underrated basslines…yes more rnb

  9. Jamerson fan yes. How sweet it is to be Loved by You. It's bouncy pop-style yet still funk-y & groove-y. Anything Motownesque you want to teach, I'll watch. You've helped me tremendously Scott. Super Kudos. Don't stop.

  10. Love Jamerson! I have always come back to his style, and guys who were influenced by him, like John Paul Jones. I groove deeply on so many of his songs, but I especially like Bernadette, What's Going On, and so many of the Stevie Wonder things like I Was Made To Love Her. I would never tire of you focusing on his style.

  11. Favorite jamerson is darling dear

  12. 'Bernadette', Jameson bass line.

  13. Jamerson + all Marvin Gaye songs

  14. Please gospel song beat… ??

  15. Darling Dear is a beautiful bassline by the great james jamerson.

  16. Bernadette

  17. Would love som more lines like your presentation on the custum shop p bass

  18. Propagandhi > Jamerson. 😛

  19. Love the practice technique! I would add – don't always fill on the 4th beat! The drums are going to want some turn-arounds and the guitar will want pick-up notes leading into solos.

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