How to play bass (for guitarists) [ AN’s Bass Lessons #32 ]

How to play bass (for guitarists) [ AN's Bass Lessons #32 ]


In this video, I give you some tips on transitioning to bass if you’re a guitarist. Also, I mention the term audiation, which is an odd term that you might haven’t heard before – check out this video to learn more.

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  1. every time i pick up my bass, i get self conscious that i sound like an imposter, and someones going to yell, "hes a guitarist! get him!" but after watching this, i realize this silly fear is nothing more than the truth. jk, thanks for the tips. ill probably enjoy the bass more now.

  2. Wow, some really good and bad advice here. I've been playing bass for 18 years.
    I don't pay much attention to my right hand but I use all 4 fingers, but mostly my first 2. When things get technical and those two fingers can't keep up, I switch to 3 and 4. It is not a conscious decision after a few years, you just DO it…
    With my left hand, some pieces I find it more comfortable to play in what I call the second register, from the 5th fret up to the 12th, You have to shift your mindset, but it is an extremely useful technique when you are playing some complex latin, bossa nova, and old jazz. A 5 string bass helps an awful lot with this method, but it is helpful in that the frets are closer together and you can actually use all 4 fingers to do whatever you intend to.
    The absolutely most important thing you must do is put in the miles, do the practice or you'll be a shit bass player and there are tons of them around – "Oh I can play bass" – Yeah but you sound like shit, go home and practice for 3 hours a day and get back to me in 3 months.

  3. you've got yourself a new subscriber! I really like your vids, really interresting, thank you :D

  4. i actually think the drums just make the guitar sound 10 times more badass.

  5. Hi Adam. Thanks for the video. As a guitarist that is mastering both pick and fingers techniques, the first tip became sort of obsolete :/ Also the fingernails kindda get in the way, so i think i'll with the pick 🙂 Nice vid, thank you

  6. 07:47 A wild booger appeared!

  7. A good quote:

    “I love solid, grooving bassists that are aware of what’s going on with the kick, and then know how to play with or against the kick pattern,” says Little. “I love bassists that understand that note sustain and duration, as well as space, are just as important to the groove as the notes played

  8. Your intro is masterful.

  9. i played guitar for many years and i am very experienced both with and without pick's. im soon going to be playing melodic metal on a 5-string bass at 150bpm in 16th.. should still go for fingers over picks??

  10. Then why do basses have pick guards :D

  11. yeah very interesting, im a drummer whose recently picked up guitar but the more i play guitar, the more i reckon i'd enjoy bass! love me a good funky bass line while playing and listening to music and it'd probably help with my drumming too! just seems like theres more you can do with a bass since rhythm guitar in particular is like no you have to play these chords to this rhythm or its not the song, whereas with a bass you can experiment with the line alot more.

  12. Bass is easier than e guitar,

  13. you´re good

  14. Well,Adam,cutting mids in bass,especially in metal or core,is a lot better in a mix with the guitar having a lot of mids. I find that,when the bass and the guitars occupy the same mid frequency region,the mix gets kinda muddy. I personally cut everything from 250 to 1k on bass and boost the high mid region,like 2.5k to have that click,this lets the guitars breathe.

  15. Why teach guitar players branching out to Bass how to "sound like a Bass player". People approaching instruments from different directions and with different techniques is what usually leads to the most interesting stuff. I switch constantly between Bass, electric guitar and classical guitar and make it a point to transfer techniques from one instrument to the other. So I might be playing some chords with a pick on my bass, while plucking my electric guitar. Fun stuff.
    TL:DR: dogmatic advice on "how to be a proper bass player" is stupid IMO

  16. The only things I would add (and this might be a step beyond the purpose of this video) is left/right hand open string muting, and thumb anchoring, especially as it relates to extended range basses. I can't tell you how many guitar players I've picked out because their left thumb was floating in the air.

  17. I actually rarely use my third finger to make power chords, and I'm always listening to my drummer's kick. Am I secretly a bass player ? AM I A TRANSINSTRUMENTAL ? WHAT IS HAPPENING ? (or maybe it's because I'm a rythm guitarist, so I'm quite the abomination)

  18. Nice advise. Also are those pick ups you're using active or passive?

  19. Hello, I am an undergrad trumpet and keyboard player. I have what I personally think is a pretty decent ear and theoretical knowledge in comparison to my peers. The problem that I face is as soon as I get my horn into my face for a solo I can't recreate what I'm hearing in my head. When I play piano and I can sing to myself what I want to play it comes more naturally. Do you have any suggestions on how to help with this? Is it a matter of more practice, transcribing and listening? Or something else entirely.

    I just found your channel and I really enjoy it. You are the music nerd I aspire to be.
    Thanks for the awesome content

  20. Hey, I really like what you do! Just discovered your channel a couple of days ago, and've been watching your videos ever since. Most of your content is actually miles above my league, but it is still very enjoyable. You use a wonderful vocabulary to convey very difficult concepts in a very pleasing way. Also, thanks for introducing me to Ben Levin, he is great too. And that one string quartet which you mentioned in that other video. Actually, if I were to mention all the things for which I'm grateful, it'd take me an essay-long paragraph. Just keep doing what you're doing. Thanks!

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