How To Play Bass for SUPER Beginners

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If you’re picking up a bass for the first time, this video is a great place to start. I’ll talk about the parts of the bass a little bit, get you started with some bass guitar technique fundamentals, and give you some ideas to practice and play with as you get accustomed to your new instrument.

And ignore everything I say about 9:40 in about Interactive Music Teacher, that website no longer exists! If you want to dig in and become a bass badass with me, this is the place to go:


  1. Hey everybody, thanks for watching and making this my most popular video to date! My teaching has evolved a lot since I made this video over 5 years ago, culminating in my new 30+ hour course, Beginner to Badass. It includes everything you learned in this video and way way more – check it out!

  2. Air Jumpers - VDST

    What's the skype?

  3. Mike Dirnt anyone?

  4. I love the bass guitar but what sucks is that most bands block out the bass in their music and you can only hear the guitars and drums

  5. Ulisses Cordas

    very good

  6. I just had a jam session with my roommates today (we all play instruments) and I decided to switch off from guitar to bass today just to sort of try it out. I always digged rumbling tone of the bass guitar, but I never actually took the time to pick one up. Long story short- I had a BLAST playing bass. I actually decided to start putting some money aside to save up and buy one.

  7. SweetSisters0309

    Hi I've been wanting to play bass for awhile, but my hands are really small. I heard there are "compressed" basses where the frets are closer together? Would that affect the sound quality and range I could play?


    I'm a drummer but I want to start bass should I?

  9. Morphine Motorhead

    I just got my Cort T74 bass yesterday, and before I bought it, I spent a couple hours in the shop a few days prior, just messing around on it and seeing what sounded good, I'm still doing that now, because the last time I really ever played was when I was 4-5 years old, now I'm 20 and have really just gotten back into it, but with no memory, lol, have to give Credit to Jared Dines funny videos and Lemmy from Motorhead for getting me back into a passion as a kid, and of course hearing Geddy Lee play really made want to do it more, Dave Grohl pretty much listened to music and he only took one guitar lesson and one drum lesson

  10. didn't know Ashton Kutcher was also a bass player

  11. Kenneth Gibson

    the most common mistake made by new bass players is to underestimate the GREATNESS of the instrument before them – go forth and amplify friends – you'll be funktastic in NO TIME..

  12. I actually got inspired by Murdoc Niccals from the Gorillaz. Thinking about getting a bass guitar and becoming a skilled bassist. Never thought about it before-always found vocals more appealing although I've got a very deep voice. Since I'm a newbee and don't really know much about guitar manufacturers-which bass guitar would you recommend for me? Amp-wise, I'm thinking about getting a nice Marshall.
    Thanks 😉

  13. Great video man I was already so hyped getting my first bass this just got me even more hype !

  14. Medicinehat Pinto Dahl

    Hey Josh, great video – I bought my bass one year ago and am a late bloomer, at 53. I look forward to learning and playin along with you on the utube. Thank you!

  15. ii will get one so I can play 7 nation army

  16. Thanks man helpful.

  17. I wish I had this video 10 months ago.  I thought and did all the things you said inherently and found some really good YouTube videos.   I'm already jamming with some folks from church.  You seem like a really nice guy and motivating. If anyone is interested in learning this instrument I would take his advice to heart.  Thanks for posting and God Bless!

  18. By god you were born with bass fingers, like watching a daddy long legs crawling all over the bass

  19. Is this guy baked or something

  20. Definitely some useful information. I just can't help but notice how much of a pothead you look like. Not really a bad thing.

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