How to Play Bass Guitar – Rhythm 101 – Bass Guitar Lessons for Beginners – Jump Start




  1. Hi I play drums would it be hard for me to play the bass

  2. Progress Maharajn

    this is how the bass sounds

  3. Obrigado from brasil


  5. Damn, never tries playing bass. Started to fall in love with rock after listening to Third Eye Blind. Just laying down on bed, and listening to their entire albums. And I always love how the bass and drums sound. It's soothing. I like the vibrations. Now I think I should one day get bass guitar and start playing. I already play synth, so I have some music theory. I just love this instrument, it's simple, it sounds great and it should be easy to learn compared to other instruments. LOVE IT.

  6. Danielle Metrillo

    Who else went here while thinking about the awesome bassist of 5sos? Hahaha

  7. How to Play Bass Guitar – Rhythm 101 – Bass Guitar Lessons for Beginners…:

  8. "General Feels"


  9. Black Music Record Prod

    I have difficulties to play with my bass guitar at the ropes and how to apply the finger, seconde is I need a teacher to learn well practice? I want to help, if possible have courses by email on

  10. Can i buy bass and play it good after 1 year just with youtube lessons?

  11. samson osivwi saturday

    Hey guys i'm really down cos i try very hard to my bass i just cann't apply chords when playing
    please help me.

  12. I CAN WAVER OUT OF THAT GROOVE IF I WANT TO ! and im still a bass player

  13. Locked into the rhythm, dude must never heard Tool or Primus.

  14. Mugiwara NO Luffy

    I'm in a band course and before I watched this video I sucked at Bass 😀 good job guys! keep the great work up !

  15. Collindoesdrifting

    same here

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