How to play beautiful day – lee dewyze – acoustic lesson

how to play Beautiful Day by U2 – Lee Dewyze’s rendition as performed on the Today Show on June 3, 2010. Connect:


  1. Just found this video.Β Thanks for the lesson. Clear and concise. Right level of details for me to work from. And I enjoyed your vocal and guitar playing.

  2. Great vid, I could listen to you all day man!

  3. The chords are the good ones, the guitar playing nice, the singing very natural and the result is a perfect tutorial!
    Many thanks brother!

  4. excelente video πŸ™‚ aprendi muchas gracias

  5. wow, this is really good…. thanks a lot! you should start making money with music not with moneytrees πŸ˜€
    great voice….

  6. thanks so much for the explanation so well explained =)

  7. Nice one! Just learning this one at the moment and you've really helped me. Thanks πŸ™‚

  8. he is sorry :PP

  9. haha I thought its keith urban hahaha!

  10. Juan Sebastian Lopez

    Nice Video, I'm still having trouble with the strumming though can you post it ?
    Thanks πŸ™‚

  11. No it's not weed growing in the window – it's called a money tree, but I really haven't made any money from it yet…:)

  12. Very good lesson, thanks!

  13. thx so much…this is quite a good song also play and sing by u
    u hv a good voice ^^

  14. I hope your band does this tune. You really feel it!

  15. Cool! I really like Lee's rendition of "Beautiful Day". It sounds so current .. and Lee gives a brand new meaning. It's like hearing this song for the very first time!

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